The Sundown chase in Bisle!

Well! the journey began with a calm drive to the Sakleshpur & then the plan came up for a Western ghats ramble drive!

Initial Plan was to do a trek in Sakleshpur’s Jenkal Gudda & drive through any two Ghats,  Trust me, Its no where written or Sign boards to this Trekking place, the path to this place is confusing, Surprisingly Even Google Maps does not list this place!

In Sakleshpur if you ask for directions to this trekking place, they will guide you back to Jenkal Siddarameshwara Mountain in Arsikere.

Here’s how the drive began from Sakleshpur – Shiradi Ghat – Dharmastala – Charmadi ghat – Mudigere – Sakleshpur – Bisle View point!

The total drive was awesome for eyes & breathing trough the Lush greens in western ghats.

Halfway the roads are decent, but after you take turn at the Mungaru male car spot,

The roads are worse with potholes, actually speaking these roads have seen tar ages before, The 17 Kms Drive killed our ~1 hours of time which made us to chase the sunset as we didn’t have an option to loose the sunset view & we didn’t wanted to drop plans either.


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