Scaling New Heights!

A trek to the Junargali Pass in the Himalaya has been my latest high I love the outdoors and the mountains are like second home
My first trek in 2011 was at Shivagange and in the last 5 years, I’ve scaled heights at Savanadurga, Madugiri,Skandagiri,Ramdevara Betta,Mullayanagiri, Kodachadri
and the most recent one being a trek to the majestic Himalayas, to be precise, the Junargali Pass, at 16,300 feet, also known as Roopkund.
I’ve been an IT professional for more than seven years now and sooner or later,
the stress of the corporate world does begin to take a toll. This made me cherish my weekends. Eventually, I started taking more and more short trips with friends as well as
hiking small mountains in and around Bangalore and in all this, my Nikon D5100 has been my travel companion.
Scaling the mountains gives me a high, an adrenaline rush that’s hard to compare with
anything. The excitement as well as the apprehension of scaling the Himalayas is by far the best experience. This nine – day trip in July with the Bangalore Mountaineering Club is
something I’ll cherish for a lifetime. My takeaway from this hiking expedition was simple
– life is all about acclimatization.
Been There Done that & holding the hiking stick!

Author: Sanjay Gabriell - Come Travel with me...

Passionate Traveler, Amateur Photographer & a Foodie...

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