Kolkata – City of Joy

Bangalore – Kolkata – Bangalore Drive!

Drive plot of this trip was planned on the same 4 Wheels, I can say Kolkata trip was Srini’s one of the most self-contained trip! He was so much influenced by this part of Country due to multitude! I am happy that I could gift a Smile on Srini’s face!

Well coming to the drive part, Saw, Learnt & experienced turn around things!
* Crossed 3 states to reach here.
* Witnessed Amaravathi capital ceremony!
* Vizag Beach & Ammayilu 😛 Jokes apart I admit they are gorgeous!
* Irani Chai
* Yes, The Hyderabadi Biryani.

About Kolkata (As seen by self)
Felt this state is a female dominant one!
Such a powerful talks by women here, seen in realtime maybe first, coming to city, Good Direction support for places & where abouts, Taxi! Trams! Taxis! The major mode of Transportation.
Sun goes to bed quick here, like in Banglore he goes around 6 – 6:45 ish, here by 5 – 5:30 I could see its already Dark!
Phew! Succesfully experienced Kolkata Metro, I Didn’t knew that Kolkata Metro rail was under roads! indisde city.
Honking – Maybe we Indians learnt it from this place, I meant the Unnecessity one’s & also felt that there is no such thing as Night, coz while we were still roaming, Spending time & by miss saw the time & it was 2am, Gosh! really! is it the same time on your watch exclaimed by me to Shrinivasan!

How can i miss the Food update, Man o Man, so much of varieties for both Veg & Non-Veg, well Fish is considred to be Veg here! But could not eat in places we had planned to! one of the popular one was Peter Cat! One can make out how tastier the food will be by seeing the Mass crowd waiting for their turns! Not forgetting the Bengali sweets too!

Not discounting the Company of my besties Asha Satyanarayana & Shrinivasan, The best Travel Partners Ever! in my life! till now

Link to the picture album


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