Three States drive!

Started the Drive from Bangalore.

Destination : Ellora caves!

Drive route

Did Another thrilling road trip with my bestie Shrinivasan Uppi & good traveler Deepak Prakash Arumugam! The Journey started from Bangalore on weekend midnight & we managed to reach Hyderabad by Early morning to pick our friend Raju Eelapuri from his home. The city rounds with a good Breakfast at Dwarka Hotel near his home, followed by the fresh fruit juice on road side! & then we proceed towards Hussain sagar lake & took a boat ride for seeing buddha statue which is in middle of the lake & later we rushed to Golkonda fort which was similar to the most of the forts so we skipped it & started to Maharashtra!

This is where we believed Google Aunty as usual & took the route & we landed on roads which were created in BC’s i suppose & they are supposed to be SH’s & NH’s & we stopped at some hotel & rested there (The best decision we made that night to stay back).

Next day morning we resumed the drive towards Shirdi & we could manage to reach there by mid noon & done with darshan by evening & we started towards ahmednagar for the remaining part of the journey.
We could reach ahmednagar by 9pm, finished dinner & slept off to start early morning for visiting Ellora caves & Taj of deccan.

The Magnificent Taj was more beautiful to see through the bare eyes than to looks in a picture! & then we started towards ellora caves & had good bread bonda as breakfast & reached ellora to see the massive Rock cut caves!

We were awestruck for few minutes after seeing the Kailasnath rock cut structure!

We could not cover all the other 30+ caves in Ellora as we were self contained after seeing the main rock cut massive structure!

We presumed the journey back to Bangalore & reached safely by next day Early morning & got connected back to the the concrete jungle!

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