Bali – It’s not a Place, It’s an Emotion!

Bali – You’ll like it or Hate it!

I Just loved it.

Shwetha: Sanjay, pack your bags we are going to Bali! (We cooked up this line at the airport for FB check-in) Smarty Pants!

Bali trip got bound over WhatsApp just a day before we decided to do this International trip.  This was was my first ever International trip with zero prep and plan!

Trust me, This was one of the fun & memorable vacations I had ever so far.

We did manage to do shopping by evening and booked a hotel on just for 1 night and got ready to fly by Saturday afternoon flight.

The flight took around 6+ hours to reach from Sydney to Bali.

Yaaasss! Time for a selfie! Bali looked like an Emu when we saw it’s map at airport 😀

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-07 at 8.05.59 PM.jpeg

We hired a taxi and reached our hotel (Astagina Resort) at Seminyak. We were so pleased with the entrance of the resort, welcome drink, Pools and of course the cozy room!

Post check-in to our room we refreshed and walked out to have food nearby. We were fortunate enough to have a beach (Double six) close to our resort, But we weren’t expecting a firework to welcome us at the beach. We did have a heavenly seafood platter which was portioned perfectly for 2.


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The next day we hired scoopy aka 2 wheeler and headed to Tanah Lot, The best way to explore Bali is through 2 wheels! I felt like getting my wings back as it had been over a year that I had moved to Sydney from Bangalore, where my wings were fastened. The scooter ride was the best to have happened to both of us in Bali. We felt resurrected after having fresh tender coconut. No Traffic no Bali! 😛 Bali’s 80% of the economy is made out of tourism-related businesses. Watch out mate, you get honked for following traffic rules!

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After visiting the Tanah lot temple we headed back to our room and booked an appointment for Spa and Balinese massage(Get this massage, you’ll thank me later). We extended our stay that night at Astagina resort.

Next day morning we hired a taxi to go to Ubud. Our stay at Ubud was a bit far from Ubud city. As usual, we hired a scooter to start our adventure.

It was almost afternoon and we hadn’t had our lunch still yet, We found a decent restaurant near Tegunungan waterfalls where we had yummy seafood momo’s aka Dimsum’s on a tree top. Later we headed towards Goa Gajah, a rock-cut cave temple. we met a family from Karnataka, Bangalore there and as we exchanged talks found there’s a fire dance near Ubud palace which is played every day. Yes, the fire dance was on our list and we also had a bit of high expectation on that. We made our way to fire dance, the ticket cost us around 16$ AUD for 2 tickets. The play happened in an open-air theater, the act was Death of Kumbhakarana. Be sure to get insect repellent here else mosquitoes will chew you apart. I wasn’t much excited about the play because I was expecting much intense play or maybe I was comparing it with our Yakshagana (Indian Traditional theater). The play was good to watch towards the end, Fire dance. Post play we found an Indian restaurant and satisfied our tummies with Dal n rice with extra butter 😀


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The next day we moved to Ubud village hotel (My personal favorite, I’ll tell you why). We hired scoopy and reached BALI SWING (there are a couple of them around, Make sure you go to the correct one). It cost 35$ USD per person as entry fee and you spend most of the time in the queue, You can also hire a photographer to get your pictures clicked for a cost of 10$. We spent half a day here and thought of going back to the hotel, but we found a river rafting place where they were about to start and we quickly negotiated the price and finalized the adventure. The cost of rafting was 20$ AUD per person. We did white water rafting in River Ayung (Ayung means Beautiful women). The intensity wasn’t that extreme but definitely worth a fun ride.


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Next day started early as we had planned to hike Mount Batur. It was an hour drive from our hotel to Mt Batur. Our lovely guide Made Kandra reached the hotel at 2:30am to pick us. We reached the base of mount Batur at 3:45am. We were Introduced to Sintiya Dewi as our hiking guide – Cheerful and joyous girl. We did not know that mountain was an active volcano till Sintiya Dewi showed us hot spring near the summit. We were mesmerized by the sunrise on top of the mountain with a lake at the bottom. We were awestruck by the sunrise and its landscape views from the top. Later made took us to the coffee plantation, my most awaited moment for tasting authentic Balinese coffee. I wasn’t much impressed by Luwak/Balinese coffee But Mangosteen tea surprised me with its unique taste. Mangosteen tea powder is made from the outer layer of Mangosteen fruit, where the skin is dried in sun and ground later.


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We relaxed after coming back from the hike. Next day, Shwetha stayed back at the hotel and relaxed the whole day. I hired a scooter and loafed around 100+ km. I was glad to see the ceremony at Temple Besakih. Traditional festival of Balinese people who offers prayer when a Volcanic Eruption happens. There was an eruption a day before at Mount Agung. People at Bali are so generous in offerings, They offer for both God and Devil, to keep both in harmony. Offering happens at two places, Inside home for Gods and outside the home for Devils.


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Next day we checked out from our abode Ubud Village hotel and asked Made to take us around Ubud in his car and drop us in Kuta. We were glad on how clean he had maintained his car. This day turned out to be good to have chosen car over scooter as whole day rain kept pouring down. First, we reached NungNung waterfalls, This waterfall was so gigantic and felt like its roaring. on our way back to the car we had Kelapa aka Tender Coconut. Later we drove to Ulun Danu Beratan (Temple on a lake). We were mesmerized by its architecture and majestic view. we spent a good amount time here and continued our journey in pleasing weather (We were so glad to have cool n breezy weather) to Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, No wonder UNESCO recognized this as world heritage site, to its length & breadth of the area all we could see was a green bed of rice terraces surrounded by mountains. I unwinded my childhood memories as we walked in these rice terraces. We enjoyed our late lunch at this place and later relished old Kannada songs in the car while we reached Kuta by night.


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We didn’t like Kuta to the extent we liked other places in Bali. Kuta was more of a city and more commercialized. We stayed at Central Park hotel, Kuta and didn’t like the ambience of this hotel at all as we were pampered so much at Ubud Village hotel where our room got upgraded to Villa a day (The reason why I liked Ubud hotel). I should admit the fact that Shwetha is a lucky lady to have as your travel buddy. We got so many free upgrades and offers just because it was Shwetha 😛 All the freebies credit goes to her 😛 . We didn’t do much in Kuta on that day we were just waiting to check out from this place and moving to Citadines beach hotel, hoping that to be a decent one and it turned out to be the best one. Later we had delicious food at an Indian restaurant and came back to the hotel to spend some time at rooftop pool with beach view. Later in the noon, we hired a Bike (Kawasaki Ninja) and rode to Uluwatu, but the site was closed by the time we reached.


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And finally, the time had arrived to pack our bags and fly back to Sydney. We were so exhausted in flight, all we remembered in flight was eating dinner and snoozing off.  When we woke up we were almost near Sydney, we were that tired. We took our bags and took trains to our abode.

In this whole trip, we never rushed anywhere and there were no regrets about not doing this or that. As mentioned earlier, This was one self-contained trip with ZERO prep. Bali is a place to pamper yourself with luxury and spoil yourself with so many options, all of this without the need to burn your year-long savings.


This 9 days trip cost ~2000$ AUD (1 Lakh INR) for a person, including Flight, food, accommodation and all adventures.

Scooter: 60-70k IDR

Food: 100-150k IDR Per person(per meal)

10k IDR = 1$ AUD, 200 IDR = 1 INR (Check forex for latest currency values)

Bali Swing – 35$ USD/pp

River Rafting – 20$ AUD/pp

Kawasaki Ninja – 40$ AUD/day

Hotels – 100$ AUD/day on average

Flight (SYD- BALI) – 1000$ AUD/pp


Day City Hotel Things to see
1 Seminyak Astagina Resort Double six beach
2 Seminyak Astagina Resort Tanah Lot
3 Ubud Amabara House Goa Gajah, Tegunungan Waterfall, Kechak Fire dance
4 Ubud Village hotel Bali Swing, River Rafting
5 Ubud Village hotel Hiking Mount Batur, Coffee Plantation
6 Ubud Village hotel Temple Besakih and local sightseeing
7 Kuta Kuta Central Park NungNung Waterfall, Ulun Danu beratan, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
8 Kuta Citadines Beach Bali Kuta beach, Uluwatu, Bike ride, local sightseeing
9 Bali Flight back to Sydney Back to Sydney





Minimalist packing for short trips!

I used to pack full of stuff which i thought were very important all these days, months & years of my travel, whereas when I count things which are necessary in my trips were limited also the camera’s, bulky lens and other accessories are good to have in all your trip! but I started to travel lite from couple of weeks with just camera and my gopro and found much peace of mind and also satisfied with the shots on phone!

Now, let’s begin packing!

#ClothesWhatsApp Image 2018-01-26 at 11.07.16 AM

Undies – 4 No’s

Tees – 4 no’s

Shorts – 3 no’s

Boxer – 2 no’s

Sunglasses – 1 No’s

Quick drying towel – 1 No’s

Jean – 1 No’s

Socks – 3 pairs

Shoes – 1 pair

Sandals – 1 pair (Xero, very light & comfortable)

Thongs – 1 pair

Jacket – 1 No’s

Hankies – 2 No’s

#Gadgets Gadgets

Surface Pro Laptop, Mouse & power adapter

Go Pro & spare SD card

JBL Clip 2

Power bank  – 20000 Mah

Cables – USB Type A,C



Tripod with Selfie stick

Passport wallet

#Toiletries & Medicines


Brush & Paste

Shower gel/Shampoo


Pain relief gel

Vicks vapo rub – for colds

Band Aids

Paracetamol, Body ache, Cough & cold – Tablets



I could not take my Baby(BMW) along with me this time, so gonna take her presence in form of bagpack and wallet. Yes, always thankful to my Bose headphone which cuts the noise in flight and keeps me calm.

All the above things came to a total of 6 Kilos! wow managed to get that below 7 Kilos!

Hope this helps you all in packing your bags and starting your adventure, share your travel stories with me and also keep watching my blog for more updates!

Suggest, Support & Share!! 🙂



How to manage Work, Travel, Leaves and Expenses ?

The most asked questions from most of my friends, How do you manage to Work, travel, plan leaves and expenses ?

My honest, basic & proven suggestion – Lead a mindful life.

Plan ahead! I know its a conflict between living one day at once vs planning future….but planning ahead might help you in saving a bit!

Jot down what you want to see, To be precise “A Bucket List”

I know how it feels to see those facebook and instagram posts and imaging of packing and driving/flying right away.

To be honest, the things which you see and things you know about the place and then exploring it makes all the difference. Be a traveller not a tourist (Still your choice)
Sit down, relax and write down what you want to see or do. Do a bit of research by following Travel Bloggers, using social media to connect people to discuss & share opinions.

Save first spend next quote sounds good to be on quotes, In reality that does not work as it states (Especially in my case 😛 )

Buy things for your NEED rather than GREED.

Don’t claim your telephone, internet, transport, food, other monthly allowances on monthly basis Instead do it on yearly basis (probably a month before Financial year end or beginning),This gives you a pretty decent amount to plan your next vacation.

If you are sure you can save a fixed amount per month, try to open an recurring deposit or any other saving scheme account where your money is safe and also the interest buys you a drink for your vacation 😉

After all the home, vehicle, education, personal Loans, Transferring money to Parents, Siblings, cousins, Fixed deposits and you still have more money and wondering what to do ? Don’t worry I have a savings account which always craves for money or if you are generous enough you can also sponsor my world Travel 🙂

Last but not least, Remember to make Memories!

Follow my blog and social media posts for more updates also do share it so that it might be helpful for someone out there.




New South Wales(NSW) – Making it Happen!

Editing in progress…..!

Each state in Australia is uniquely beautiful in its own way.

You can say Sydney is the heart of Australia and most happening place of NSW state.

Public transport is well connected to far distant places as well.

Few of the places which you must not miss to see.

Harbour Bridge: You can see harbour bridge from multiple places, the closest being Milson Point but my love for harbour bridge if from Opera house/Circular quay.

Sydney Harbour bridge

Opera House

Opera house during super moon

La Perouse

La perouse bridge
Sunset at La perouse

Bondi Beach


Ferry ride to Manly beach

National Parks

Stanwell tops


Seacliff Drive

Whale watching in Darling harbour

Helensburg Temple


Skydiving in Wollongong


Sand Dunes in port stephens

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Wine tour to Hunter valley

Kiama Blowhole

Bombo Quarry

Jervis bay

Powerhouse museum

Figure 8 pools

Westhead lookout

Blue mountains

Jenolan caves

Hillsong music band in Parramatta

Gurudwara in Glenwood

Auburn Botanical Garden

Pitt street – Street art and other activities

Sydney fireworks – NYE

Sydney tower Eye , Torango Zoo, Madame Tusadds ,Wildlife sydney





One Person We’ll Never Get Over

Even long after the relationship dies and all connections perish, this person stays alive in our consciousness.

It’s not like we spend our entire day fantasizing about them or reminiscing. It’s not like our lives stopped when they left it. It’s not like we haven’t moved on—we might even be building a relationship with someone new.

But this person’s existence is like an alarm clock that rings every once in a while. They’re like the mud that resides at the bottom of a glass—if stirred, it instantly fills the calm water.

Any object, sound, taste or smell related to them, can make them cross our minds again.

If our eyes met, we would still see the same colors and patterns we used to. The smell of their breath and skin would still linger at the end of our nostrils. The comfort they made us feel is undeniable and the exhilaration they brought about is irreplaceable.

They seem to live in us even though we don’t want them to. They’re like a plant that keeps growing when we don’t water it. A cloud that keeps on reappearing when it’s sunny.

And their memory isn’t always welcome. Sometimes, it is penetrating, wretched.

What’s even more agonizing is how our world turns upside down when they reach for us. The mixed emotions they inflict on us are enough to prove how they still controls every single piece of us—and not in a good way.

We know, deep down, if this person wants to meet—or heaven-forbid, run away with us—we wouldn’t hesitate. “No” seems to be the toughest word to say to them. We’d step on our pride, our pain, our strength, just to make it to them.

But we don’t admit this to anyone—we’re even ashamed to say it to ourselves. What kind of irrational person would still be hooked on someone who doesn’t really care about them?

They can never become strangers or mere faces we used to know. They will always be the home in which we felt most comfortable. They’re our shelter, our nature, our universe—everything we have ever known and every planet we’ll ever orbit.

Looking at them is like reading through the words in our journal. They are the pages that contain our joy, our foolishness. They are the box below our bed that knows our secrets, strengths and weaknesses.

We want to get over them. We want to wake up one morning and pretend they don’t exist. We want to look at them as we would look at any other living thing.

And the reason why we’ll never get over them is because they got over us.

It’s like a sickening psychological game that seems to have no end. Unconsciously, we wanted them so badly because they didn’t want us with the same intensity. Maybe they were already over us while they were still with us. Maybe they were never into us in the first place.

We come up with a million different reasons why they don’t feel for us what we feel for them. Why they left when they could’ve stayed. Why they didn’t reconcile when we were ready to take them back.

Worse than the reasons are the excuses we create for them—and we are so damn good at it. But these excuses are nothing but a solace to our bruised self.

Perhaps, one day, we will stop these lies. We will accept that this person is over us. We can keep lying to ourselves and repeating the buts and whys. We can keep knocking our head against a wall, or we can face the truth.

It will hurt. But, as we know, for a wound to be mended, we must have enough courage to handle the pain and stitch it back together.

It’s tough to admit that this person is over us. But, if we do, we might just get over them. Maybe it won’t be until we’re older. One day their alarm clock will go off in our minds, and we may just smile.

While healing may never feel complete, we must keep working to get there. And if we can’t completely eradicate the lies we tell ourselves, then we just have to live with them until they expire on their own accord.

Time is often the greatest healer, but the one that’s even better is genuine love. Love that shows us what it means to stay.

Because just like some people are good at leaving, others are good at staying. And maybe when we find the people who stay, we will finally get over the ones who left.

Author: Elyane Youssef

Source: Elephant Journal via Ideaspots

Magical word – Sorry!

It’s never too late to say sorry to anyone…

The world is continuing to witness so many conflicts!

The relationship may have ended decades ago but that does not mean you cannot apologize.

It’s never too late to apologize. Simply because many years have passed since the deed that did the damage doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother.

A long overdue apology doesn’t indicate you want anything from the person in return. It doesn’t mean there’s a hidden agenda, you’re still in love with them or hoping to rekindle a romance. Neither does it mean you can undo all the hurt you caused.

Intense relationship letdowns can leave invisible scars that last a lifetime. You pick yourself up, put the hurt in a box and try your hardest to move on. As time passes, it becomes easier but betrayal shapes you.

If someone really breaks your heart, it shatters into a million pieces and you’re never quite the same again. Not all the apologies in the world can undo that – if only they could.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is people make mistakes. They fall in lust with people they should not, betray people they once adored, tear down fairytale futures that have been jointly planned, and cause many shades of pain. Sometimes messy breakups can really change how you see yourself and hearing an apology can dismiss nagging doubts that are the hideous lingering hangover.

It’s vitally important to take responsibility for causing heartbreak in life.

In fact, several exes have wronged me in different ways and it would mean a great deal to me if they put their hand up and peacefully nodded to close that chapter. Why? It’s the right thing to do.

I’ve often sat and reflected, wondering how on earth some people sleep at night; they show no flicker or remorse and appear to have blissfully moved on. Baffling.

Sometimes it can take years of a turbulent emotional journey for people to recognize, accept and take full responsibility for wrongdoing. Ego often hinders knocking on someone’s inbox cap in hand.

But, when guilt finally catches up with you, or you find yourself in the headspace to wave a white flag, you should.

It’s often said that if years have passed you should keep an apology to yourself and live with it. What a depressing suggestion!

A genuine, heartfelt apology with purely good intentions is always important. It is never too late to try to make something right.

A heartfelt apology…

IS – sincere acknowledgement you did wrong to another human being.

IS NOT – an invitation to harp on about your own suffering.

IS – assuming the damage you caused was a big deal.

IS NOT – half-hearted, lightened with jokes or avoiding eye contact.

DO – Stick to what you actually did. Be clear about what you’re apologizing for.

DON’T – expect to be forgiven. This isn’t about easing your own guilt.

DO – Really, mean it.

DON’T – let your actions afterwards prove you haven’t learnt your lesson.

DOESN’T – mean you are wrong.

IS – You value the person more than being right.

Transform the EGO into Humanity! You can’t make a better place for others when you have so much of hatred and guilt within!

When a person says sorry when he is wrong – It’s called Honest

When a person says sorry when he is not sure – It’s called Wise

When a person says sorry even when he is right – Is called Husband 😛

It’s the little things in life, which makes big differences.

Your life is worth living; do not just spend it in surviving!

Sourced from | Author:  Corrine Barraclough

Beards Keep You Young, Healthy & Handsome!

Beard facts

Have you tossed your razor in the trash yet?

Gentlemen, they’re not just for hipsters and the homeless any more. While both dead sexy and totally awesome, beards are also a boon to your overall health. Researchers discovered that men with beards and moustaches actually enjoy numerous benefits including, but not limited to, instant handsomeness.

A study from the University of Southern Queensland, published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal, found that beards block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays, thereby slowing the aging process and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Got asthma? Pollens and dust simply get stuck in that lustrous facial hair. Additionally, all that hair retains moisture and protects against the wind, keeping you looking young and fresh-faced. What’s more, shaving is usually the cause of ingrown hairs and bacterial infections that lead to acne.

To conduct the study, researchers left bearded mannequins, along with less attractive, follically-challenged ones, in the blistering sun of the Australian outback and then compared the amount of radiation absorbed by each.

But don’t forget to take care of those blessed follicles; beards can also spread infection if not properly cared for and make consumption of certain foods (e.g. cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, falafel sandwiches—anything with hummus actually, bagel ‘n’ schmear, syrupy pancakes) rather laborious.

Fuzzy-faced men would be wise to take advantage of beard wash and beard oil, essential tools for looking and feeling your beardy best.

Source: World Observer Online & The Doghouse Diaries