How to manage Work, Travel, Leaves and Expenses ?

The most asked questions from most of my friends, How do you manage to Work, travel, plan leaves and expenses ?

My honest, basic & proven suggestion – Lead a mindful life.

Plan ahead! I know its a conflict between living one day at once vs planning future….but planning ahead might help you in saving a bit!

Jot down what you want to see, To be precise “A Bucket List”

I know how it feels to see those facebook and instagram posts and imaging of packing and driving/flying right away.

To be honest, the things which you see and things you know about the place and then exploring it makes all the difference. Be a traveller not a tourist (Still your choice)
Sit down, relax and write down what you want to see or do. Do a bit of research by following Travel Bloggers, using social media to connect people to discuss & share opinions.

Save first spend next quote sounds good to be on quotes, In reality that does not work as it states (Especially in my case 😛 )

Buy things for your NEED rather than GREED.

Don’t claim your telephone, internet, transport, food, other monthly allowances on monthly basis Instead do it on yearly basis (probably a month before Financial year end or beginning),This gives you a pretty decent amount to plan your next vacation.

If you are sure you can save a fixed amount per month, try to open an recurring deposit or any other saving scheme account where your money is safe and also the interest buys you a drink for your vacation 😉

After all the home, vehicle, education, personal Loans, Transferring money to Parents, Siblings, cousins, Fixed deposits and you still have more money and wondering what to do ? Don’t worry I have a savings account which always craves for money or if you are generous enough you can also sponsor my world Travel 🙂

Last but not least, Remember to make Memories!

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